Reviews for "_Mad_"

to people who rate below 5

Its a type of song called grunge. GET USED TO IT!


why is this in the alltime topscoring?! 0/5, 1/10... you should really stop doing this.

Idon't see what everyones problem is...

Everyone is complaining that they can't understand the words, but look at Nirvana, same thing their.
I like this guys voice, it would sound wrong playing any other style.

Despite the other reviews...

This certainly isn't worse then what's on the radio these days.
Quite a bit better then most of it, in fact.

So much potential

I thought the beat was very good the only problem was the vocal, i dont think its very good right now but start singing and in 2 or 3 yeard i Bet you will have a very good voice, also i thought the lyricks? were decent (well it sounded like it). so keep it up and these people who couldnt do this themselves (down there) may like it. loved the intro