Reviews for "_Mad_"


Your band's sound is cool but I don't like the the dude's voice or the lyrics.

I agree

Nevian has a great sense of review, I agree with him.

Some poeple here just don't get it

I don't like the song coz it's barked all through lol.
However, only because i don't like it i have to be fair.
it's well organized and somehow i like the lyrics.
I'm the ghost in your handbag heheheh
8 for it's barked lol but 5 for the lyrics!
And forget about this two down there. they have really no clue what the word review means.


This is great, i don't know why so many people are critisising the singing, its very grunge. The song overall, sounds very nirvana and i look forward to hearing more from your band. \m/


But you need to tell your singer to lean away from the mic when he breathes, because it was kind of annoying. If you were live, I wouldn't have minded, however on a recording you need to make sure he does that. The rest sounded great!