Reviews for "a minute of your time"


I ant explain it but this is bloody funny, its weird like me and it just makes me laugh, i say womans genitalia and a boob tube on one of the diagrams i think i am not normal muauauauauaauauh


i really liked it


I AM very grateful for BEING allowed and not FORCED to see this movie and TO VOTE on it.were you HIGH when you made this. BY the way I loved THE VEGETABLE MEN.

jim ether is a god of something

once again, jim, you have amazed me. im sick of all these people giving bad reviews. YOU DESERVE TO BE IN A MUSEUM. and can you tell me the significance of the last ink blot? i fell like im missing so much

Dude Awsome...

I love how you don't use that jumpy shit in ur animation u actually rely on skill of the art of fear, well lemme tell u one thing this was a mind fuck and truly can make a man go insane lol... paranoia is the key to this animation i think and the simplicity of the fright made it a whole new type of gruesome... I know u prolly won't respond kuz u sem like the silent typa person but i hope u do... a job well done