Reviews for "a minute of your time"

Decadent, for lack of any other

1) two fish kissing
2) a car barreling towards me
3) a crab; pices
4) a perpetually posioned man w/ gas mask

HANDZ DOWN the most skrewd up shit on NG!!!

Word as my bond, I could NEVER have expected the animation that unfolded in front of my eyez. This wouldn't have warranted more than a 2 in voting and 5 in overall reviewing, but, az much az I wanted to look away, I couldn't help but stare til the end. Then it hit me . . . this film wuz not simply a random collaboration of disturbing images with a fitting acoustic accompaniment, but a skillfully composed, effectively presented arrangement of imagez and soundz created to stimulate the mind substantially. Jim, your batting average more than speakz for itself.


-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz

ink blots

this was a cool movie. my favorite part was when the mechanic voice showed mr.corn.


It has been a while since you submited another flash to Newgrounds, and I am glad you did, this is another solid work of art! Into my favorites it goes! Keep on making kick ass flash! Newgrounds is a better place because of you!


Love your work!

I wondered if you were still making flash movies. The last film I saw was reminiscent of this. This dark style you're leaning towards is quite interesting. As usual the soundtrack in your shorts is quite surreal.

Keep it up. I'm a big fan of your work.