Reviews for "a minute of your time"


I knew watching things from David Firths favorite list was a bad idea.

Interactivty is a 10 because this movie will LEAVE DEEP TRENCHES IN YOUR SOUL.


To paraphrase the last guy, that was one hell of a mindfuck.

Fright doesn't have to jump out at you.

Dude Awsome...

I love how you don't use that jumpy shit in ur animation u actually rely on skill of the art of fear, well lemme tell u one thing this was a mind fuck and truly can make a man go insane lol... paranoia is the key to this animation i think and the simplicity of the fright made it a whole new type of gruesome... I know u prolly won't respond kuz u sem like the silent typa person but i hope u do... a job well done

Ahhh sweet stuff Jim Ether.

Yeh, im an OKay fan of your stuff. Maybe you know my friend Chris Bitzakis. Hes the biggest fan of your work. This is a realy good film. Scary stuff. Can't wait for "Alert".


I seem to have failed to see the point, but I also somehow enjoyed it. Not sure if it was funny or what, but HA, HA, HA!!