Reviews for "a minute of your time"


ooo ooo

very intresting

That by far is the most intresting submission iv'e seen on NG. The whole time i thought there was going to be on of those loud scary screens that pop out.

It's... Interesting..

An array of images, ink blots, and sound are brought together into one animation. Images of insanity.

This movie is meant to be understood, and yet to not. The whole thing itself just jars the mind.

How do I describe? Disturbing.

Please, if you do watch this.. and when you get to the roadsign and you don't like what you see, close the window. This can be scary to most.

To the Author: Great work.

Loved it.

It felt like the video out of the ring. The imagery was somehow funny and creepy at the same time. Brilliant!


I am now traumatized for life.