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Reviews for "Thunderheads at sunset - Shen"


If I say this is a good piece, I'd be understating your work. This song reminds me of something, can't really remember what, but this sounds so familar... You have good drums, very nice array of synth lines. This piece paints a vivid image in my mind, this is just so beautiful. I really like this, I listen to it a lot on my MP3 Player too. I hope to review more of your masterpieces! Thank you, sir.





wow man

this is the best song ever. well its the best song ive heard on newgrounds by far, and shen, you should really be proud of yourself for making this beautiful song.


Shenkhar responds:

Thanks man :D

I appreciate the encouragment!

- Shen

Awesome Work

this could be used in one of my potential Projects! and you may just be World Renowned! Keep it up! I WANT TO HEAR MORE!



wow...freakin awesome, trust me

i love this

the beginning i thought was a little repetative but i like 2:02
that makes the song hella better
when ever im just relaxing i have 2 listen 2 this song
its just great