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I'm gonna take a look at DJKarma, and how do you get such a nice sounding piano sound, I record my stuff, and it still doesn't sound as good as this , how??

BlazingDragon responds:

I use a computer mouse, demo of FL Studio, and MIS Stereo Piano that I found on blackhole12's profile (In one of his news posts). I just load the piano into FL, add a tad bit of reverb, and work away. I like to go back and tweak the volume of each note a little, just to make it feel more human.

A good, free piece of software, and some time and effort to humanize things with dynamics. With this one, I also used FL's automation capabilities to change the tempo gradually. You'll notice if you listen to the beginning.

You can find that piano if you look around www.blackhole12.newgrounds.com/ in his newsposts. It isn't a soundfont (it is a direct wave file) but it should still load into FL. It's around 170 MB to download I believe, so it may take a long time if you have a really slow connection.

I hope that is helpful! :D


omg Respect!!!!!!!! wow i really like sad songs :D sooo nice man!!!!!!!!! please make more! of this 10/10 and 5/5 W00t!

Truly amazing.

Your music still continues to inspire me and just like everyone else here I expected nothing less of you. Really feels like 2 best friends parting ways not knowing what path their taking and not knowing if they'll ever see each other again. Really it's a Story Left Untold. (Corny lol)

This song...fills my lifeless soul...

You are quite the music maker...

this is yet another one...

if your wonderingg what i'm talking about, check out the comment i posted on his song "sadness and sorrow v2" cause i'm not typing it again