Reviews for "Dark Fields"

Good song

Good for a video game but, something I would not listen to over and over. Next time try to make it longer with a little more to it then the same thing over and over and I do not mean the loop. Other wise it was an good song keep it up.

Tantalis329 responds:

ok, thank you =D

Awesome loop

I can really tell this would be used for a great game, reminds me of Golden Sun accually!

4/5 (good but not one of the greatest)
8/10 (really good for a loop for a video game, but not the best sounding Keep it up though)


not really my thing, but a great tune nonethless


Nothing flashy, but a good tune for the game-makers out there. Nice.


I'm Gonna THink About using THis Song on My RPG...... Hmm.... Good Job Man!