Reviews for "Dark Fields"

Ok, not the best but..

seriously people, be nice. It is not the WORST song you've ever heard. Give me a break..

It may be repetitive but its relaxing, so its not bad at all.


why is this so high in the ratings, i could honestly make a song like this whithin 10 minutes, and im not exaggerating... Add some sort of rhythm or something, it is very repetetive, and has only two layers of sound..


Whoa this is extremely repetative, wow get some skills. the worst song i think i have ever heard in my LIFE.


this songs great. you can hear it when you need to relax.
it sounds peacefully. love it.
its should be use in the endings, or credits.


It's worth listening to if you're in a peaceful mood, or need good thinking music.

The title of the song certainly fits the sound. Good job Tantilus.

4/5 + 9/10