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Reviews for "-Naive-"

good, but not one of your best...

the whole thing was good, except i really didnt like the end.

-keep bein awesome! w00t!

Waterflame responds:

lol thanks man XD

this is one of those songs that grows on you

every time i hear this i like it more! its like i just had 50 cups of coffee. I hope no epileptic people listen to this XD.


This must be perfect for Audiosurf, gonna try now.

I. Love. This. Song.

I found your music from an article that linked all the Castle Crashers music. I immediately went for the "Dinosaur Riding, Jaw-Snapping Jumpy Song" (at least, that's what I called it).

I've been going through all your music, and this particular song is my new favorite; I simply can't get enough of it. Overall, though, it's all fantastic!!!


you make the best happy music. I think this song just made my day.