Reviews for "LoZ // Kaepora's Lost Woods"


Kaepora Owns...

Did you know When he turns his head upside down that Theres another face..He has like 2 faces..

And if u wear the Mask of truth and talk to A gossip stone one of them says that Kaepora Is accually the Descendant of The king of Hyrule..

The king of hyrule has helped Link ALOT....

Like in Windwaker he was the Boat...And in Ocarina he was Kaepora...

Well wonderful Piece of music you got here..

Keep it up Housemasta


HouseMasta responds:

haha yea the owl was pretty badass. thanks a lot for the review, i appreciate it!


I agree with one of the previous entries - its better towards the middle when the 2 songs branch off, then u can realy tell them apart. They flow together really well but its easier to regocnize them as the separate theme songs later on. That owl was annoying and kinda creepy when he flips his head around, but he's awesome 2. I LOVE THE WOODS THEME! (even though i ALWAYS got lost in there - mostly on purpose to fight shit and get rupees/items.....) YAY HM!

HouseMasta responds:

yea that owl was messed up. like the O RLY owl.


Great Mix.

It was very well done. Great remix of two great LoZ tunes.

I especially liked the beginning, very catchy.

Overall, I liked this audio, you should make more like these.


HouseMasta responds:

thanks man!

AAHHHHHHH tears people can't see me cry!

Oh man I got to stop having memorie and flashbacks


like, i gotta say, thats some sick shit man. like, really aw-inspiring. beautiful work!