Reviews for "LoZ // Kaepora's Lost Woods"

Great Mix.

It was very well done. Great remix of two great LoZ tunes.

I especially liked the beginning, very catchy.

Overall, I liked this audio, you should make more like these.


HouseMasta responds:

thanks man!


so beutiful and awsomeness its WICHCRAFT because its so good u r god of all music i cant stop listing to it

HouseMasta responds:

omg chill out


It's true, that it was a bit choppy and there was a part that needed to be a bit more cleaner, but it had a strange way of making it sound good in it's special way. So I don't think it's much of a problem at all. Overall, it was very good.

HouseMasta responds:

thanks though!


Pro - You've generated a whole new type of music, like Pepsi with limon. Techno + Trance + VG + a little bit of Spanish Tango. I call it... Trancevigo!

Cons - Takes a little while to get to the Lost Woods part.

HouseMasta responds:

hey thanks anyway for the 10!

Great job!

This was a very well-done mix. I liked the instruments, and the songs went well together. Worth a 10!

HouseMasta responds: