Reviews for "LoZ // Kaepora's Lost Woods"

Justice for a perfect game.

Kaepora Gaebora was one of my favorite characters.
Still today, whenever I see him I must read his words aloud in an old man cockney accent.

oh my god

this is the best remix i have ever heard and its for the greatest video game ever made i love your work this is excellent and kaepora gaeboras theme was never this good before ( and i love that one too )


This music really brings back memorys. Thx for makig it, keep it up!

woooow :3

Zajice, Is totally right the owl was a pain when i wanted to skip what he was saying and the end up pressing the, *would you like me to repeat that button* argh....

But nvm me this is awsome :D


These are mixed together pretty well. It's catchy. I always hated that darn owl, but his song made him somewhat tolerable. Your version is MUCH better of course, and mixing it with one of the best songs in the game just adds to how great it is.