Reviews for "LoZ // Kaepora's Lost Woods"

very calming...

it seemed kind of strange at first(the kind of music u could only commonly listen to in eroupe or something) anyways cool idea about mixing two songs into one

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for the review!


I've always liked any kind of Legend Of Zelda music, but you make it sound really good with your remixes of it. I downloaded every single one of them because they are really good.

I liked this one alot because the Lost Woods music was one of my favorite musics when I played The Legend of Zelda.

Very, very nice job HouseMasta, keep up the great LoZ music remixes.

P.S: I had no idea what LoZ standed for until I saw the rest of the title name for the song lol.

HouseMasta responds:

Thank you for your review, glad you enjoyed it