Reviews for "LoZ // Kaepora's Lost Woods"

one hard song to mix

I like the mix. keep up the good work and you could make better one's in the future.

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot

not lost woods it's frkin owel music

that owel sucks and gets anoinin so make real one plz

HouseMasta responds:

1st off, read the title - Kaepora IS the owl!!!!!!!!!
And 2, the lost woods theme IS in there - you just didnt bother to listen farther into the song. way to review...


This has got to be among some of the best zelda remixes out there. Fusing those two songs was an awsome idea, they sound almost like they were meant to go together. This deserves a higher score. Keep up the great work! n_n

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for your review, i agree that this should be higher!

thanks for the 10

This is neat!

Why didn't I see this when I reviewed your Sonic Dirty Remix? Oh well. I see it now, and I like it! I've always liked Keapora's theme, so it's nice to see someone giving it a remix! Good job!

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for your review!

Excellent mix!

Wow. This was really good! I rarely see people using Kaepora Gaebora's theme, so it was refreshing. Keep it up!

HouseMasta responds:

sweet, a 9!