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Reviews for "Adventure Times"


This is awesome. Better than I imagined. And is it just me, or does anyone else think Ice King looks like a zombie?


I love the alternate look on the ATWFAJ characters.
The detail, coloring and shading is also amazing.

Superb artwork.

Like the style you used, most of the characters look fantastic (actually all of them do, but I have minor issues with a few). Bubblegum looks a little too much like a real princess, LSP...I dunno. Something about the eyes that's a little annoying. And as a few others have said, Jake looks just a tad too girly, though he is kinda supposed to be. Just a few comments I had about what I didn't like about it- everything else though was awesome. Great job.


I don't understand why some people hate the show, I like it for the simplicity, no complicated back stories, no over dramatic dark pasts, and no confusing side stories about useless characters. I like the added realism in your picture, and the fact that you are a fan of the show as am I.