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Reviews for "Adventure Times"


only reason why its not perfect is because Ms. Rainicorn's face is a little weird... otherwise, i love it good job mein friend!


preaty Freaking Alsome but shouldn't Finn be alittle older?

Holy shit man

This is great, the best rendition of Adventure Time I've seen so far.

Good job on Princess Bubblegum, I imagine that'd be what she'd look like if she were real.


Superb artwork.

Like the style you used, most of the characters look fantastic (actually all of them do, but I have minor issues with a few). Bubblegum looks a little too much like a real princess, LSP...I dunno. Something about the eyes that's a little annoying. And as a few others have said, Jake looks just a tad too girly, though he is kinda supposed to be. Just a few comments I had about what I didn't like about it- everything else though was awesome. Great job.


i think i like everyone's redesigns a lot....except jake himself. just looks way too girly when he's meant to be this headstrong but smart little punkwith a few missing teeth etc

JustinianKnight responds:

I think you mean Finn.