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Reviews for "Adventure Times"

what verry few people know...

love the pick but just to let you know adventure time started online and i beleve it was posted on this website aswell but was then adoped to cartoonnetwork and thus all videos were removed

JustinianKnight responds:

Actually it was a short done for Nickelodeon's show "Random! Cartoons" which was later put online and became a viral hit of sorts. I really don't think it was ever put on Newgrounds.


but help me out who is the girl with the guitar? i dont remember her name

JustinianKnight responds:

Marceline the Vampire Queen. It's a bass guitar too.


I don't understand why some people hate the show, I like it for the simplicity, no complicated back stories, no over dramatic dark pasts, and no confusing side stories about useless characters. I like the added realism in your picture, and the fact that you are a fan of the show as am I.

Holy S#%t!

thank you. this is amazing.


Also: I like how BeeMO is basically the sameXD!