Reviews for "AlphaZekko 4"

pretty tight

It was a pretty decent piece of flash that. However I must warn all of you with the 56K modems it's not really worth it... it's kinda short. It was tight, but it just wasn't worth it. I do give you Mad Props for your sound, and Kudos for your graphics though... enjoy those


great cameraviews!... nice nice nice
keep on!

2 Words.....

Not Bad......

Just Like The Rest

great clean animation. Shedding more light on the story. Very good. Keep up the good work.

again, you rock my world

And again, crum pod is well, i am not to sure yet. He makes no sense, giving something he hates a 10, then suddenly change. i dont get it, to any one else, watch the series, it is awsome