Reviews for "AlphaZekko 4"

All around excellent

i got here on a random entry, i'm definitely looking up the first parts of the series, i only got a little bit into this one, and i didn't finish it so that i can watch from the start. but very good overall


This series is getting better and better,. and the great thing is part 5 is now submitted!!!
And to the person who said what he did was a DBZ move.. shut the fuck up. Stop comparing stuff to DBZ all the time. DBZ wasn't the first damn thing to do shit like that, Street Fighter has been around for a LOT longer, as has Fist of North Star. Take your head out of your ass. Great movie though!

aww just when it was getting good

Good teaser flick, very nicely done. your sounds were clear and your animations were great..I just wish you hadn't stopped it where you did....but I guess that's what teasers are about....Making the viewer want more.

Why continuation?

Why make a decent flash movie and then hold up on the rest? It makes no sense. Overall your movie was okay but it would have be must better if the whole movie was up.


It was ok...( a lil on the kid-ish side 4 me) but it was cool. any ways, wheres his feet at?