Reviews for "AlphaZekko 4"

good one

pretty cool 4th installment of AplhaZekko! it was really good. glad to see this one win an award too. you have some great drawing talents too. i love the graphics in this series.

again, you rock my world

And again, crum pod is well, i am not to sure yet. He makes no sense, giving something he hates a 10, then suddenly change. i dont get it, to any one else, watch the series, it is awsome

omg that is so good

hahahaha im such a jokester you know ho much i hate your anima. i always give you 0 and humor 10 but i tricked you you fucking fag homesexual!

Just Like The Rest

great clean animation. Shedding more light on the story. Very good. Keep up the good work.


This one is as good as the others. If you haven't seen the previous versions, do those first, it'll make more sense. Anyways, keep 'em coming.