Reviews for "Frog Trigger"


i found it quite funny, even if it dissed me, but Leo didn't do shock. Plus it's not yugioh moderation, i had Admin at the time :) Plus I don't normally talk l337 in normal convos. What I really like is how that twat, Vince said this ruled in his review but trashes it everywhere. What a Hipocrit! (did i spell it right?)


that was the funnyest chrono trigger thing i ever saw you rock it was funny espesaly the doll thing. you rule big time for this ill vote
5 everyday great job you kik ass man

The End?!!!

Once again, good work bud~ay! Your sprite animations are flawless and your humour is inpenetrable!... don't ask me how homour can be inpenetrable. Anyways, I think you've got the best sptite animations on NG... that I've seen so far. Keep it up!

Not too shabby... one issue, though.

After watching this, I was duly impressed. The fight scenes, especially towards the end, were visually appealing and tactically interesting.

I have only one thing against it, (other than my personal dislike of vulgarity, but that didn't influence my ratings).

You used my FF1-style Chrono Trigger sprites, that I worked on for DAYS, and gave me nothing more than "All music, sprites, etc. are copyright of their owners" in the credits. Even if I didn't specify on the sheet that you had to give credit by name, you should've had the decency to at least list my e-mail somewhere in the credits.

Anyways, expect an e-mail from me.

That movie was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Very nice movie there man. I really liked how you made fun of HAcoreRD for what he really is..a pissy "1337ist". Anyways could you tell me where you got that rock and roll versin of frogs theme? I really like his music and that version was the best ive heard so far. Well anywho, keep on trucken! (or in your case flash...en)