Reviews for "_-={When Madness Descends}=-_"

sounds like a serious showdown is taking place.

awesome job. keep it up

Very Dramatic

A few things sounded a little heavily synthesized, especially later on, and I also noticed the theme seemed to brighten up a bit toward the end, too. Not sure if this was meant to be synced to something, but sounds kind of odd as is.

something much different

and different isn't bad, and a little over halfway through it sounded like you took the "This Is Halloween" theme from the disney movie nightmare before christmas and gave it that maestrorage touch, kind of like you did with 'Til Death Do I Impart but again i love how you actually gave it some real depth and space to grow unlike your other songs which top under a minute and a half, those thirty extra seconds really make a difference, i still love your work regardless.


A war,a god,a hero,a demon,and a pickle lol

IT reminds me of a dreAM i had.

MaestroRage responds:

that must have been some insane dream D:!

I love those kinds of dreams...

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!


Wonderful song, here is a character that fits it well:

Before you, you see a human-looking mech with black armor, twisted and evil looking, her face in the shape of a panther, her arms bore hand-like paws, and her legs were those like a cat. On her devilish cat face was a wicked grin as she looked at you. You turn and run in fear, but you soon realize her capabilities are way beyond your own. She jumps down in front of you with the intent of killing, and laughs maniacally as she siezes your limbs. You scream in pain as she rips you apart limb from limb. Pure evil came across her face as she continued her evil, maniacal laughter as she finally finishes you off by ripping your head from your torso.