Reviews for "_-={When Madness Descends}=-_"

Need... Download.

This makes me feel Superior, above, no true words can tell how much this song makes me sad but yet feel "high".
its very real and deep, the song uses scales, high's and low's, which makes it classic yet rockish.

Respect. not less.


Awesome. I love this kind of music. Symphonic metal/rock or whatever. Haha. At 1:37, what is that sound? It's weird in a cool way. Anyway, very well done. *Applause*

Another Perfect Song!

Only this time you managed to mix two vastly different genres successfully, something like Metallica playing with the San Fransisco Symphony. Just a great success overall. Still thought provoking and inspiring. Keep it up!


Another great composition for a great film/short. Wow! I love this! I can feel the tension, the climax & the story just listening to this. Awesome!

epic as hell!!!!

very nice epic song this would be an excelent pico vs. piconjo fight scene music for pico day