Reviews for "_-={When Madness Descends}=-_"

G**h fucking d**n it!

I have had 14 different stories to this song and when i had finally figured out how to get them in physical form they said "Screw you!" slapped me in the face and floated away to the very depths of my mind that even im afraid to venture...Well all in all its a great song my only complaint is what everyone says "The Guitar". Frankly i love how you mixed in the guitar, but i thought it wasnt...real enough...if the guitar was live it would have sounded a better.

This is real fucking Shit man

EPIC work man, i hope to hear more Of this Awsome work from you ^^


its chaotic , melodic , its perfect 5/5 10/10 add to my favorite

.. :O

I am really impressed with you man.. you got audio artist of the year.. PLUS FRONT PAGE FOR MOST OF YOUR SONGS. Daannnggg.


Pretty good song. Nice beginning, with a dark undertone.