Reviews for "_-={When Madness Descends}=-_"

another MaestroRage Master piece...lol it ryhmes

the starting of this tune is sorta like the other one you made uh i think its "Maestro's Rage" thing lolz oh yeah all your tunes are perfect for my sort of tunes of my liking oh yeah is it techno cause my dad thinks is techno or is it classical rock your tunes? cause i'm not sure soo yeah you should publish your tunes you'll be a hit! most of your tunes will be in some movies you know! like uh maybe a tune of yours might be in a war movie and stuff but your a master! i'm no nerd but the tunes are great

P.S. : i'm not able to listen to them all but i dowloaded some of your tunes (i was lazy to listen to them all) i get tired of clicking in things you know) and the photo made me think its another MaestroRage imposter lolz XD well see ya!


i heard some remix-like somwhere else on NG.... u stole it? or did that other guy?

anyway, the song is in my fav's... keep up the good work

MaestroRage responds:

I can assure you this is my creation :0! Where did you hear the other remix?!

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!


This holds a special place in my heart. :)

wow cool

this song is awesome
ApocolypsticDemon interpretation made it like 100030303034443334444 X better
excellent song.
a story always completes a song.


heres a story to think about. 1386 A.D.
A small village on the outskirts of France is assaulted by marauders from Spain, devastating everything. Their last hope was a rag-tag group of badly-armed group of peasant... and so rang the clash of steel against steel, as people watched and stared in awe, in fear, and in hope. Alas, the peasants were slew by the plenty, and as the last died, a newly-made widow runs out to her husbands side, where he dies a painful death. As she stared into his dead, cold, empty shell of a body with cold, blank, and pained eyes... something broke inside3 of her. As she lifted her husbands sword with shaking hands and tears flowing free, she bit her lip until it bleeded and unsheathed the sword. Her eyes were fiilled with hidden fury of the like no one had ever deemed possible, while the soldiers marched onward razing the fields. She screamed with a voice so loudly it broke the marauders formation, and with a bellowing cry she rushed forward slicing them with the chipped blade, slowly rallying the others to fight back. And as she fell, two more people came in her place. And as those people fell, even more came. Soon enough, the village had surrounded the band of raiders and fought with all their will, heart, and soul; crying blood, oozing sadness, and forcing out their fury. And in a few minutes, everything ended. The earth became calm, the water had made peace, and the people rejoiced in their freedom and weeped for the lost...