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Reviews for "_-={When Madness Descends}=-_"


Wonderful song, here is a character that fits it well:

Before you, you see a human-looking mech with black armor, twisted and evil looking, her face in the shape of a panther, her arms bore hand-like paws, and her legs were those like a cat. On her devilish cat face was a wicked grin as she looked at you. You turn and run in fear, but you soon realize her capabilities are way beyond your own. She jumps down in front of you with the intent of killing, and laughs maniacally as she siezes your limbs. You scream in pain as she rips you apart limb from limb. Pure evil came across her face as she continued her evil, maniacal laughter as she finally finishes you off by ripping your head from your torso.

it's cool

make me feel like watching a war and we're so brutal or something
good work man

Fantastic. :D

Great song, really built up a good atmosphere and feeling.
Only thing I believe I could reccomend is a shredding solo. n_n
But all the same, fantastic. :D
5/5 ^^

There is no escape, no hope, no fortune, no mercy.

This song fills me with a feeling of a hopeless defeat, or one hell of a fight.


I agree with that last guy O.O