Reviews for "_-={When Madness Descends}=-_"

Its good music

I kinda liked it. It was very catchy. 10... 9 but definetly 5/5

You've made yourself quite a few fans!

Lol, originally I wasn't going to review this, hoping you knew I'd listen and enjoy, but the single thing that made me inspired to do so is found precisely at :53-:54, The strings build up and it sounds similar to other things I've heard in classical music, maybe a big triumphant moment, but instead you completely stop the strings and give the guitar a little twang on some really high note...INGENIOUS!

Although I'm unsure why you did this except perhaps to avoid a premature climax, I love it.

The song is just amazing overall, I mean it goes without saying that every part of the piece is amazing (even the percussion..coming from me lately I have a complaint about percussion), I especially like how there is an electric guitar in here, not because I'm a huge metal fan or guitar player or whatever, but because you're experimenting with new ideas, and they are good ones!

Great one Maestro!

P.S. I have angry + midget + ale keg ='s equations!


i like it
are all your songs rock-goth-dark?

words cannot describe

this is one of the best songs ive heard on the AP to date... I love rock, and i like classical... you put them together greatly, and ended up with 2.1mb of awesome...
you must be the best classical artist on ng :O

congrats, youve just made yourself a fan :D

[5] + [fav] + [download]


only one sentence

beethoven eat your heart out! This is an awsome song you are probably king of the audio portal.