Reviews for "Sonic - U.S. of Whatever"

plz nmake more

i have already checked out the other video which was awsome

I must write somethign here?Whatever.

This is a Sonic Video?whatever.
I am writing a reviuw?Whatever.
Sonic is sayin' "Whatever"?Whatever.
you like it?Wahtever.
I am writing mistakes?Whatever.
Princess Zelda is a bell?Whatever.
Megaman is there?yeah whatever.
I rate this 10\10,5\5?Whatever.
you've finised it?Whatever.
It's the end?Whatever.

I like the song what ever is cool!

I love your flash hope you do more!
is that they are cool and that's with sonic and megamman XD
and Princess Zelda as a bell XD

I love sonic the hedgehog is cool and too mario I love they video game !


I don't really care about writing this review, so whatever.

And i don't even care about rating, so I'll just give it a 10/10.

So if you think I don't care then I say: "Yea yea whatever"


Yeah whatever god i love this song