Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


Thank you Jeffrey Dahmer.

Didn't like any of them

The Jesus one was just wrong, the dog one was pointless and stupid, if I said I liked any of them it would be the little circles with the ball but it was pretty dumb too. The last one was ok but that's all. Group A was better.

why did i waste my time

i'm sorry guys but this sucked. it would have been ok if it weren't for livecorpse. dude your stuff is just dumb.

it was okay....

i'm sorry, but compared to group a, group b sucked ass. actually, the only one i really thought was pointless to even waste my time with was the one by livecorpse. i mean, i'm all for violence every now and then, but a fucking innocent dog? wtf?! that was just low...

sorry guys he screwed it up

squeesy was great and the others were fairly intertaining, these movies could of earned an easy 10, but then when i saw livecorpses shit i couldn't support anything so shitty. Not only did his drawings suck the concept of thee movie sucked. so if this movie goes down the crapper blame livecorpse