Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


I will say it is Foxcato there wins this group. But it is deffinetly group A there wins.

Oh yeah, and then isn't this movie "appropriate for all audiences".


all were good except livecorpses

I thought there was some real talent in this bunch with the exception of the dog killin. Not only was it disturbing but the drawings were poor. Would have given a better rating without that guy's movie. If the top 8 were choosen livecorpses must have been the worst of only 8 submitted for this contest. My flash was much better and was blammed away after 30 mins


... i am not being mean or picky or anything but the only 2 good ones in this one were squeezy and joes... sorry livecorpse... but you could have done A-LOT BETTER... please dont hurt me... and FoXcatO.... you realy relay... suck

dodgey malodgey...

pretty crappy.. compared to group A. oh well, i guess thats why you guys were in group B... these movies were also pretty weird and wacky, like group A, but i dont think they were as good. I really disliked Livecorpse's, because it didnt have much black in it... and it was also pretty crappy. it sort of sent everything around it in a downward spyral... lol. o well.
(THE THUMB: sideways)

Not the best...

Although I applaud the efforts of those involved and consider the time trial series a perfect example of what NG is SUPPOSED to be for, this was certainly not the best edition to date. And I cannot stress enough how the lack of quality control options pisses me off as I'm sure it does others with older computers. Please be sure to include them in future editions.