Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


I will say it is Foxcato there wins this group. But it is deffinetly group A there wins.

Oh yeah, and then isn't this movie "appropriate for all audiences".


all were good except livecorpses

I thought there was some real talent in this bunch with the exception of the dog killin. Not only was it disturbing but the drawings were poor. Would have given a better rating without that guy's movie. If the top 8 were choosen livecorpses must have been the worst of only 8 submitted for this contest. My flash was much better and was blammed away after 30 mins


livecorpse you make me sick, and good job to everyone else. I guess..

not so great

i know a lot of work goes into the most minimal of flash, and time constraints complicate matters a bit, but the best one of those was joe outterside's cyber heads and killer ball. livecorpse's dog was just dumb. moderately random and unimaginative, although some props for some killin action. Sqeezy... interesting and moderately evil though vague, but that flash has potential given a longer period of time... might u consider making something real out of it, withe a storyline perhaps or some kind of plot? Foxcato... well dude, um... not terrible, but pretty lame with a decent soundtrack. rotating stuff over and over then a scary movie wisecrack after cheese-dinner-making?!?! that's more off the wall than livecorpse. at least he has a short story. yours is like a frowning clown riding a unicycle on crack... pointlessly messed up. some decent artwork tho.


Livecorpse....Dude, ou need some professional help. That was not right.