Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"

NG TT are definatelly great...!

This was a great idea, but the 1st 4 were way better than these... at least to my opinion... anyways, these are still very good in general :)


the first and third one rocked.... the other ones... were good, but... i mean...., the dogs one just went too far, maybe some better graphics wouldve helped? hell, i didnt know what to put on humor so, deal with it!

I like most of them expect Livecorpse

Hes a dickhead, hes getting rewards becaues hes getting it from the time trails not from himself.

I love luis and the other but Livecorpse is leaching from ppls. I mite do what he did in his flash to his dog or him

Welldone for the other people you deserves this expect livecorpse he need a turd award insread.

Not the best...

Although I applaud the efforts of those involved and consider the time trial series a perfect example of what NG is SUPPOSED to be for, this was certainly not the best edition to date. And I cannot stress enough how the lack of quality control options pisses me off as I'm sure it does others with older computers. Please be sure to include them in future editions.

they were pretty good except,

live corpse sucked, why it ended up with the rest of the likes of: squeezy, joe outterside, and foxcato is beyond my comprehension, that flash was really disturbing, i'd recommend you get yourself institutionalized and soon....