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Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"

sorry guys he screwed it up

squeesy was great and the others were fairly intertaining, these movies could of earned an easy 10, but then when i saw livecorpses shit i couldn't support anything so shitty. Not only did his drawings suck the concept of thee movie sucked. so if this movie goes down the crapper blame livecorpse

Not bad....

It was better than Group aA that one was shitty. But this one was better because it has more violence and more humor.

Pretty good

Sqeezy was phenominal. Best in this TT. Other ones were ok too besides livecorpse.

Livecorpse: LEarn to fbf. Ive never seen a good movie by u. The tweening is lame. 3/10
Joeoutsider: good bounciness and pretty funny. 7/10
Last guy: not bad. cool sound but not too fbfed. 6/10


Well I have to say i wasnted very fond of the one where the guy killed his dog, I sort of found that repulsive...the movies were a bit fun to watch, not great but better than most

NG TT are definatelly great...!

This was a great idea, but the 1st 4 were way better than these... at least to my opinion... anyways, these are still very good in general :)