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Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"



This was a dark and depressing movie. I like the imagery that you set fourth. The main character looked ncie, however some of the others could use a lot of work. With music, it sort of have an epic feel to the movie, pretty ncie effect. Not bad flash if I may say so. 7.5/10


The audio was stellar, and I appreciate the telling of each individual song when it comes up. Although I chose you as my favorite animator in the last one, I really did not appreciate this movie at all. The graphics need an extensive amount of work and the plot is just not kosher. The killing of a dog for no reason is not justifiable. 5/10


I love the fast-paced sound to help highten the spped of the film. The characters were very small, but fun. Maybe a few more characters next time and more movemetns and such. Good work, 7.5/10


Very short and fast-paced, and I loved it. Your characters, although without much movements, were done pretty well. Any word on if these characters could have their own series? 8/10


I think Foxato was the best in this Time Trial, nice characters, good music and a fun and light hearted plot. Where can you go wrong with that? Everyone did a pretty good job.



the first one(first TT) was amazing, everyhitn was good, but this one...just was decent, ecept for squeezy and live corpse, there movies sucked. period, so i dock everyone points for those crappy entries

I liked it for the most part.

It was not as good as group B and eventhough i like Livercorpse, his part sucked. still good though.


so for the most part these were pretty interesting, except for livecorpses. who the hell picked that out? that has to be one the most disgusting and reprehensible things ive ever seen on newgrounds

i agree with the last dude

they were all good except the one about killing a dog. i dont know why that one was picked