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Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"


livecorpse killed himself http://www.kranioclast.com/livecorpse/suicide.htm such a sad thing


Thank you Jeffrey Dahmer.

good job

im not trying to b offensive but i think group A was a bit better, sqeezy did a superb job except i thot i saw a part where there was no black =P, livecorpse that was a little messed up, yd he kill the dog, tear out its inside nd lite it on fire? altho liting his cigar w/ it wuz good, joe outterside, u did a really nice job nd the mario music wuzz priceless but it cudd done w/o the matrix, foxcato, WASSUP that was ok but seeing as flashes are very difficult to make i respect you all and think u shud appreciate your own work

bit of good, bit of bad...

squeezy did by far thge best out of all of them, it ruled and unlike some wasnt COPIED

livecorpse...that sucked. that seriously sucked. if it wasn't in a compilation with other people's good work i expect it woulda been blammed, and the fact that only 40% of it was black sorta defeated the object of the challenge

Joeoutterside SLIGHT RIPOFF OF BLACKMAZE'S BLOTS SERIES!!! if u cant come up with your own ideas then dont boter. you even used the ball, for christs sake.

FoKcatO that wasnt bad. at least it was origonal UNLIKE SOME JOEOUTTERSIDE! and it made me laugh ^_^

That was cool i have to

check out more TT's.

Squeezy....that was awesome and orgional! very evil and wicked cool!!!!

Livecorpse...can use a bit of a better sound....and it was fucked up!

Joeoutterside...i sense pong....

Foxcato...mmm, cheeze...uh...ahhhh!!!!!