Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"

Good, for some!

Yeah it was pretty good, I really liked Sqeezy's, I thought that was wicked. Joe Outterside's was also cool. It was a good effort but I think Group A just about clinched this one. Maybe next time eh?

And may I just add, this is all directed to everyone except LiveCorpse. What the fuck was up with that man? I love your normal work but this was shit. Out of all the submissions, then wasn't any other better ones than some dude sticking his dog's intestines down it's throat??? It had virtually nothing to do with the original premise, or did it use it in any significant way.

Well, I'm still looking forward to the next one. Good one guys!


that was retarded ...but i still liked it

Its a good way to compete

Don't listen to people who are just pompus asshole's telling you they don't like it. Team A, did kick your ass though. But, this one is still alright.

Getting very old

Every NGTT is now very bland and repeditive.

Livecorpse must be the worst animater on NG's and yet he's in every single one. Why is that?

All in all, change it up a bit, this is getting extremely boring.


I will say it is Foxcato there wins this group. But it is deffinetly group A there wins.

Oh yeah, and then isn't this movie "appropriate for all audiences".