Reviews for "NGTTVII Group B"

Very nice.

Group A was far better than this group, but this was still a good compilation. Sqeezy's is my favorite in this one.

Dammit Foxcato

I had just gone through enough therapy to get rid of that fear. Son of a bitch. Now im gonna start haveing insomnia again. Fuck it, w/e, idc nemore.


Yes, even more. I love these, it's interesting to see what people can make out of these and it puts their skill to the test. I like how you vary the schemes. Good work man!

good that luis is getting credit for these now

its brillian, set it up, put them together, come up with ideas, post them on the bbs, make a menu page and have eryone else supbmit the work that actually gets the points. i'm not mad about this or anything, its a great idea, great work luis

all were good except livecorpses

I thought there was some real talent in this bunch with the exception of the dog killin. Not only was it disturbing but the drawings were poor. Would have given a better rating without that guy's movie. If the top 8 were choosen livecorpses must have been the worst of only 8 submitted for this contest. My flash was much better and was blammed away after 30 mins