Reviews for "Gouki - A Wandering Mind"

You see a day dreamer,

his thouthgts fill the room and reality is lost to fantacy. Scenes change from space battles, pirate fights, super heros, kungfu combat, and more. he;s then woken up by the teacher asking him a question. reality returns and he left unable to answer the question.


sweet nice and clear with a good sorta jump to it...makes you wanna run around in circles


best stuff a noobie like me heard so far on newgrounds


WOW right from the start I loved the crisp clear sound and it so hypnotized me wow I got into it I'm so dancin' to this LOVE IT! Do more like this plz and pm if ya can i'm new to this!

Great sound!!

When the song started, I instantly found myself beatboxing. I love that fast hi-hat in there. It was weird how this song actually brought a smile to my face. I listen to this one and picture a bunch of people dancin or whatever and havin a good time. This is one for the record books.