Reviews for "Decline of Video Gaming"

Its funny how now MGS 5 looks incredible...

I think it's interesting going back and seeing how the whole landscape has changed since this!
E.B. is a thing of the past, and there actually is a Metal Gear Solid 5 (in two parts, no less), and there has already been a Devil May Cry 4! They essentially predicted the banal, un-fun Grand Theft Auto IV, as well. Much of the humor is now very dated, but this was a hilarious video of its moment, and I still love it!

And the only game left still normal forever; it is Half-Life 3.

How how I wish you would make more. This short-lived series has been with me since I was very young. I have never forgotten then, along with Tommorow's Nobodies.


I can't stop laughing!XD