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Reviews for "TMNT vs Adolph Hitler"

Cowabunga dude.

Looks like our pal Hitler is in over his head this time.

:D not bad

nice it looks like a front page of a comic.

Lookin good.

Reminds me of the Hitler from Wolfenstein 3D.

Wonderful creativity!

This is badass, to say the least. The ever memorable Mutant Ninja Turtles kicking the ass of Hitler, the most hated man in History (in my opinion). So friggin' SWEEEEEET!
The artwork is rough and compliments the story. My only complaint is that the head of the Turtle with a red mask, Raphael, is a bit too small for the rest of his body. That's my only real complaint. The rest of this picture is amazing :D
Good job!

so mutated turtles took hitler down?

OF COURSE!! don't you know anything about science?!