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Reviews for "TMNT vs Adolph Hitler"


why is hitler shooting up instead of the turtles?How much is his accuracy?

lol shoop eyes

thats funny! now THAT is funny!! ITS F***IN FUNNY!!!!! i thinks hits will win. hes got distance down

Very nice

this pic made my day, thank you very much. Great artwork and funny as hell. Keep up the good work

Btw generalseptum, the turtles would totally win. Hitler didn't kill people: his minions did it for him. Hitler was a pussy who sat in his office all day. Besides, he apparently can't aim worth shit, and if you saw the TMNT movies, bullets just bounce off their shells, so turtles all the way baby.

Letal responds:

Plus he was a crappy soldier during WW1 (just saying)


wtf, TMNT win!


your style is knd of psycho...
i like it