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Reviews for "TMNT vs Adolph Hitler"

C'mon let's go, hit the road!

Start up the Panzers, baby, we're going to Moscow!


Hitler is so pissed that he went rampage on the TMNT with 2 machine guns. I guess he doesn't like green colors. =)



I dig it


You never played wolfenstien clearly.....your also saying its kinda impossible...like turtles that are ninjas...

Nice work though to the artist.

Mad comic or Cracked ?

wow this looks like a unexpected flip of a mad / cracked comic, i mean, the turtles would kick adolf's ass in a heart beat, unless Adolf had a massive german army or the element 115 like off Call of duty, but that would be the ONLY way. Donatello would shove that bo right up where the sun don't shine!