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Reviews for "TMNT vs Adolph Hitler"

HAHAHA I love this man! This is a really funny idea. I love the expression hitler has, and how the Ninja Turtles are barely phased by hitler firing two machine guns. Hitlers outfit is kinda funny but other than that this is a really cool sketch.

this sucks no offense but why was hitler's eyes look like they were gonna pop out???? O_o

Letal responds:

Probably because I'd love to see this bastard with his eyes popped out. But also because it's cartoony and because this was just a shitty sketch.

hahahaha, what a nazi shazi

I don't think the turtles stand a chance agence Hitler,TMNT have hand to hand weapon's and Hitler has two mashin guns and mylion's of panzers and super solders.

And thus began the epic battle for humanity

Ironically humanity being represented by a group of giant mutated turtles.