Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 3"

Rebuttal to Previous Review

Purpose of these reviews is to give feedback on the movie.....nowhere does it say "review submitter"

This movie is amazing and people giving it a zero, simply based on the fact that the actual designer didn't submit it reflects more poorly on the designer than on the submitter. Quite a shame.

I would actually like to thank the submitter for posting this movie, and not trying to take credit for it. He is only trying to bring quality entertainment to this site. Good job!

P.S. I hope you live.


It's a wonderful movie, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hpe that you'll do some other…
Et je dirais même plus: EXCELLENT

Awesome. Pure and simple.

This movied DEFINES XIao Xiao. There's no other way to describe it.

I'm hooked and there is no rehab.

I caught a portal to this toon through another website and that is how I became a loyal fan of NG. I hope there is more to look foward to with this series. Oh yeah I also like the frame by frame and if your a hardcore martial arts fan you should try it out. Every hit, block, and dodge is accounted for.

This review goes for all the Xiao Xiao series.

Before i write my Review, I would like to inform you, The reason "Interactivity" Is to 5, Is because around half of the Xiao Xiao series where games, And since i am reviewing the Xiao Xiao series as a whole. Well, Do the math.

I have always enjoyed, And always will enjoy the Xiao Xiao Stick Fighter Series. There is nothing better, Than watching Xiao Xiao stickfights. Then going to Flash to mimic them, And Failing miserably. It re-assures you that the Xiao Xiao series, Is so complicated and effective, That it is impossible to immitate. Unless you are Zhu (Obviously..) or a master at flash (Zhu's level).

Now, Xiao Xiao has been around for as long as i can remember, And ever since then i have liked it. I recently got "Pivot" To get a feel for making stick fights, Soon i shall convert myself to flash, To make it more effective. I got Pivot as i felt it was hard to do it all on Flash, But come to think of it, It's not hard on Flash. Or Pivot. Back to the Review.

Xiao Xiao, Is the best series of all time, And definately deserves a Ten out of Ten. Thanks for reading this Review! See ya later!