Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 3"

Addictive isn't the word

this is such a brilliant movie, i remember about a month ago in my computing class at college, one guy was watching this. Everyone thought it was so great that about 10 minutes later EVERYONE was watching it on their workstation. A BIG FRIGGIN' 10 OVA ERE!!!!!!!!!!!


That's the best work with stick figures that I have seen thus far.

Ive never seen stickmen so good!

Although this was stickmen, it was really well done, The sound was good with sound effects and a background music that suited it, The frame by frame feature was nice, lots of good violence and matrix-like-effects, and good style that people try to mimic.

Xiao Xiao is the shit

and anyone who doesnt like xiao xiao needs to die in a hole...

What can I say???

It's Xiao Xiao, the best movie ever!!! I love all of the Xiao Xiao movies! The creaters do a good job, so what can I say?!