Reviews for "Xiao Xiao No. 3"

Bad Ass

This movie kicks ass, Even though its one of those stick figure things, it still kicks ass.

damn dude

that was one bad ass stick figure it realy kicked ass to bad its not yours or id give you mad props but instead they go out to who ever did that

nice... someone email the fuckin creator...

and tell him to submit his flash to newgrounds.
thanx to beth, we are able to see such a sight!
instead of bashing beth for "stealing" it,
thank her, and email the creator so we can watch more of this.
this animation would make jackie chan cream in his pants.

james marshall (digitally dope)

One of the Better Stick Movies

Did the people before me even read the author's comments? She even said she didn't make this movie. All Your Base movie was first submitted by someone who didn't make it but everyone rated that one high so why not this one?

I thought this movie was put together really well, also. It is one of the better stick movies. Now if I can only find this guy's Web site or his other movies...


your friends the man