Reviews for "Haywyre-Dubsonic"


you drew this with paint? With a mouse?!!
Holy crap, I am simultaneously depressed and inspired.

Rooshie responds:

Just stay inspired, cut the depression.

Holy F***!

You did that in Microsoft Paint?! Oh my...
Great art, keep it up!

Rooshie responds:

Thanks G

4.34 / 5.00 (+ 0.0047)

I find all of your art to be somewhat trippy. I love that quality in your art. It just has this awesome feel to it that's hard for me to explain, it just has to be experienced.

I especially liked the color schemes you used in this piece, in particular the green-ish blue and yellow. Those two colors go really well together. The multi-color circles floating around are an awesome touch. The pattern in the background behind the Hindu God is really cool as well. Everything about this piece fits together really well. Awesome work.

Rooshie responds:

Thank you great one.

Sme inspiration...different paths

Cool shit, bro! Now thta I checked yours I find it really cool dude, really different from mne, tho. but I really like it!! Love your art, man! P.S. could you contact me with the label you worked for hehe

Ricockulously cool

This is just freaking sick...as an album cover, this is amazing. Haywire should be proud to have you on board lol. I wish I had more to say than that, but honestly, I don't. I love everything about the piece. Keep it up! >:D