Reviews for "-Orr- Heroic Confrontation"

you are now among my top 3-waterflame, paragonx9, and yourself. Sonny was BRILLIANT, and i have been searching forever for sonny music. i always seemed to do well, although my friends didnt.

honestly, i just cant decide whos beter, you are head to head with waterflame, this is just amazing, Great job man!

Wow. Just wow. You did the soundtracks for Larry, Sonny, and you wrote My Vision (in PR2)... Honestly you're probably the best composer we have on Newgrounds. The instrumentation of this piece is perfect. The audio quality is high, every part perfectly complements each other, and you can really feel the suspense! Excellent work!!

Memorable, Quality, Power

Heroic Confrontation I find is a piece that is memorable and brings back thoughts of a good game. Like any other well-composed game piece, it brings back nostalgia and memories and you know the exact part of the game it's from, what game it's from, etc. It's one of those pieces that will make you remember a composer's name (Nobuo Uematsu is one case, with the Final Fantasy series)

Everything flows well, it's very smooth and a well-crafted piece for a fight scene. It all moves together excellently and is what I consider a professional quality piece. This sets a standard for game music and is deserving of a pedigree of flash game music: Standards have never been set this high before.

DavidOrr, you have proved yourself a fine composer. The most important thing in the industry is getting your music out there, and you have done so with a fine variety of pieces. I believe you could confidently send someone your audio portal page as your portfolio, it speaks for itself. Certain pieces like this hold extra memorable quality due to the game attached to it and this piece is a top-notch piece of work.

Best of luck to ye.

This is A-MA-ZING

If I would ever have to fight to live and death I want this music in the Backround... so I wouldn`t be able to lose anymore!